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دانلود Samplephonics Balkansky Dark Dub and Glitch-Step

Samplephonics Balkansky Dark Dub and Glitch-Step ACID WAV-QUAKEAUDIO

بانک صدا Balkansky Dark Dub and Glitch-Step ساخت شرکت Samplephonics  از این مجموعه میتوان در سبک Dubstep  و هیپ هاپ استفاده کرد شامل 700 لوپ باس و درام 140 بیت ،ریتم های مختلف و جدید است که در فرمت WAV با کیفیت 24 بیت ضبط و آماده سازی شده است که توسط هنرمندی خلاق به نام Ivan Shopov تولید شده اند.

We are proud to present our first sample pack from composer, producer, DJ, artist and all round creative genius, Balkansky, aka Ivan Shopov. An absolute masterclass in music production, Ivan has set the standard for Dubstep Producers around the globe with this collection of loops and samples. He even produced his own artwork...the guy’s creativity has no limits! This unique opportunity to gain access to his personal collection of loops and samples, amassed over 10 years of production and now available to use 100% royalty free, is available exclusively for Samplephonics customers.

The pack contains an eclectic mix of over 700 dark hardcore dubstep bass loops and samples, intricately produced drum loops, evolving ambient landscape loops and samples, fat drum samples, warped rhythm loops, rise and dive fx samples, hi hat and cymbal loops, provocative music loops and twisted glitch effect samples, all locked at 140bpm.

These loops and samples can be used across a range of dubstep and experimental music genres to create incredible new sounds and rhythms. Moods range from melodic, ambient and expressive to dark, dirty and downright evil.

A lot of work went in to finding the right producer for this sample pack, and we were delighted when Ivan announced his interest in a partnership with Samplephonics. We are firm believers of quality not quantity, and spend a lot of time auditioning musicians until we find the right candidate.

Dark Dub and Glitch-Step is a true journey through sound design and music, but be warned, it contains some of the most extreme noises that have ever been created!

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  • تاریخ انتشار : 2018/2/22
  • حجم: 980 مگابایت
  • نویسنده :Rivals
  • منبع : رایوالز
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