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دانلود P5Audio Vinyl Dilla Hip Hop Loop Sets

P5Audio Vinyl Dilla Hip Hop Loop Sets

P5Audio Vinyl Dilla Hip Hop Loop Sets ACiD WAV REX بانک صدا مناسب سبک هیپ هاپ . این مجموعه شامل 17 مجموعه لوپ است که در مجموع دارای  114 لوپ میشود تشکیل شده از ابزار هایی مانند باس، درام، گیتار، VOX FX، synths، استرینگ و قابل استفاده در فرمت های 24bit 44.1 kHz ACID WAV، APPLE LOOP و REX2

Inspired by legendary producers such as Alchemist, J Dilla, Havoc and others, this loop set pack delivers gritty vinyl inspired loops, perfect for your true Hip Hop production. Featuring 17 multi-track loop sets arranged into 10 song sets, these 114 individual loops include live instruments sampled and chopped straight from vinyl. Bring authentic grit to your production. Download these loops today!

Product features:

- 17 vinyl inspired loop sets arranged into 10 song sets, complete with verse, hook and intro ideas.

- Instrumentation includes deep layered live keyboards, bass, drums, guitar, VOX FX, synths, strings and more.

- 114 individual loops total.

- Recorded live using class A pre-amps and Apogee converts.

- Provided in 24 bit 44.1 kHz ACID WAV, APPLE LOOP and REX2 formats.

- Stereo mix files are included for each loop set for quick audition.

- All tempos and key signatures are provided.

- All loops are royalty free.

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