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دانلود Prime Loops Arabic Vibez AiFF

دسته بندی: دسته‌بندی نشده
Prime Loops Arabic Vibez AiFF

جدیدترین شاهکار صوتی Prime Loops بانک صدای “Arabic Vibez” بیش از 180 نمونه صدای با کیفیت 24 بیت منطقه خاورمیانه (ایرانی،مصری،عربی)در سبک دراماتیک ، هیپ هاپ تشکیل شده از ساز های Oud,  comedic Shehnai, seductive Duduk و…

Prime Loops' latest sonic masterpiece "Arabic Vibez" brings you over 180 breathtakingly intense Arabic string hooks, chord progressions, instrumental arrangements and lots, lots more! Whether you're looking to spice up your next blockbuster score, bling-out your club banger, officialise your game soundtrack or bring an eastern twist to any other project you're working on, this inspiring batch of captivating flavours is right up your desert track!

As is the custom all over the Orient, this unique sound collection is guaranteed to give you a warm-hearted reception! Skilfully recorded and composed by Prime Loops' one-and-only Jean Baptiste Lacaze this dramatic pack comes ready arranged into over 20 easy-to-scroll chapters, jam-packed with classic instrumentation such as the characteristic Oud, the comedic Shehnai, the seductive Duduk and much more. all are 24-bit quality and clearly labelled with many Arabian and Middle Eastern sounding scales and genre-busting tempos ranging from 80-150bpm.

Get ready for Prime Loops' magic carpet ride and expose yourself to sensual rhythms right out of a steamy hammam, pristine flutes carried over by balmy desert winds or mysterious chimes straight from the oasis. Whether you wanna belly dance like Ofra Haza, get your Omar Souleyman stomp on or stir the sands of time like the Prince of Persia, this absolutely royalty-free sample pack will instantly add more than 1.001 Arabic twists to your productions.

Dance like a Dervish, swing like a Sultan, or walk like an Egyptian! "Arabic Vibez" will instantly enable you to explore the original musical landscapes and rich cultural traditions of the vast Eastern region – all at the humble price of a proper kebab feast and easier to handle than a waterpipe full of the tastiest sheesha flavours!

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  • تاریخ انتشار : 2018/2/6
  • حجم: 504 مگابایت
  • نویسنده :Rivals
  • منبع : رایوالز
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