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SoundSpot Focus VST

SoundSpot Focus نام پلاگینی است که  با در دسترس قرار دادن فیلتر های گوناگون در مسترینگ به شما کمک میکند که عمق و وضوح صدای مورد نظر خود را به موزیک خود اضافه کنید از دیگر ویژگی های این پلاگین میتوان به استفاده کم از سخت افزار استفاده کرد بهترین پیشنهاد برای شفاف سازی آهنگ شما قابل دسترس برای ویندوز و مک

Easily Add Clarity & Depth to your Master Using Psychoacoustics
We designed Focus to make one of the mastering industry secrets available to you using psychoacoustics - right out of the box.

Focus takes care of all the wizardry behind the scenes, creating this psychoacoustic processing chain while keeping the effect mono-compatible.

All you have to do is to adjust the filterband to highlight any important elements in your master you want to stand out.

This technique can take your mix into a completely new sonic realm, making your kick drums punch through and helping lead vocals and instruments sit effortlessly in the mix.

+ Well guarded mastering secret revealed
+ Bring out elements in your master in a new way
+ Analog modeled filters and summing
+ Extremely light on CPU and RAM
+ Mastering is the key to giving a well balanced mix the final push to make it stand out. However, many commercial releases seem to have a level of depth and clarity that seems extremely difficult to achieve

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  • تاریخ انتشار : 2017/11/17
  • حجم: 16 مگابایت
  • نویسنده :Rivals
  • منبع : رایوالز
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