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دانلود XILS-lab PolyM v1.0.1

XILS-lab PolyM

XILS-lab PolyM یک سنتی سایزر قدرتمند و کارا همراه با انواع فیلتر ها و قابلیت های گوناگون که به شما امکان تنظیمات دقیق تر و امکان مانور بیشتری را به شما میدهد استفاده از تکنولوژی تقسیم بندی، صدای خاص برای آکورد ها و پد های شما ارائه می شود که نمی توانید هیچ جای دیگری آن ها را پیدا کنید.

Unlimited polyphony, as PolyM's model was considered when released ! Even if it was not true, compared to monophonic synthesisers of these times or to the five or eight voices machines, the 71 voices, each one with its own pulse width modulation, filter, VCA and envelope generator, was clearly a revolution.

Recreating this legendary synthesiser as a virtual analog was a real challenge ! We decided to take up the gauntlet !

A Gem of Pleasure : It took more than two years, analysing, measuring, testing, scratching our heads, but we are proud to now offer you the PolyM, one of the best, if not the best, virtual divided-down based virtual synthesiser out there.

Two Top Octave Divider (T.O.D) oscillators, slightly detuned for an incredible phasing effect and a very special envelope generator are the Heart and the Soul of the PolyM.

The secret of this monster is its hybrid design from an organ like synthesiser and three filter banks, including a 24db ladder filter, driven by a monophonic envelope.

The Sound ! Using divide-down technology offers a particular sound for Chords and Pads you can't find any other way, but that's not all. With that sound, feeding a monophonic zero-delay 24db self-oscillating filter, driven by the keyboard gives you the possibility to play huge Basses or leads as no other synthesiser can do.

But That's not all : Add to this an Acoustic filter bank, a Resonator bank, a Delay, Phaser, Reverb and plenty of modulation possibilities, you can understand why the PolyM gives you so much pleasure when playing it !

Version 1.0.1:

•Adding Chorus
•Adding More modulation slots
•Adding the possibility to connect the VCA EG to the polyphonic filter (as the orignal do)
•Adding the FM modulation original behavior when the sound is released
•Adding more modulation destination
•Fixing a couple of bugs
•Fixing a couple of Typo in the manual
•Adding more presets (now more than 300 factory preset are available)

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  • تاریخ انتشار : 2017/11/16
  • حجم: 10 مگابایت
  • نویسنده :Rivals
  • منبع : رایوالز
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